Goalkeeping Program .


The International Soccer Camp Goalkeeping Program will guide you in the mastery of your basic skills while bringing your entire game to a higher level.

We will emphasize technical skills, tactical understanding, physical conditioning, and psychological readiness.

Bring Your Entire Game
to a Higher Level.

Goalkeepers from beginning to advanced levels are encouraged to participate. Our staff of professional coaches will work to meet the individual training needs of every goalkeeper.

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Daily Program.



Josef – Former Lebanese National Team Player

“I am a former national team player and I sent my 8 year old grandson, who is a beginner, to International Soccer Camp for one week but he did not want to leave so he stayed for the second week. Now after two years he is starting forward for his local club team. We will definitely be going back every year.”

Dany McCoy

“Thank you for running such an excellent, well run soccer program. I was able to watch my son scrimmage today and can already see a vast improvement in his skills. He loved the camp and is looking forward to returning next year for the entire two weeks. The level of coaching and one on one attention is just what he needed.

Again, thank you for running such a well organized program. Ian is now more confident he has the skills he will need to get him started for high school.”

Improve Skills.

At the International Soccer Camp 2019, youngsters will experience four key elements that are at the heart of our coaching philosophy. Carefully blended together, these elements help develop the truly exceptional soccer player. The camp's daily schedule mixes fun with a rigorous soccer training program. Unlike most summer soccer camps, players experience a full seven day program.

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This year the camp will be hosted at California State University Channel Island, and at University of California Santa Barbara.