Meet Founder And Camp Director Valerey Stepanov

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Valerey Stepanov (Read More)
Born in Russia, Valerey Stepanov, received a Soccer from the Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of Lesgaft in 1983 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Professional Player Experience:

1978-80, Arsenal Club, Tula, Russia
1980-81, Chimik Club, Novomoskovsk, Russia
1981-83, Amudaria Club, Nukus, Uzbekistan
1983-86, Zenit Club, St. Petersburg, Russia (Champions of St. Petersburg 1983, ‘85 & ‘86)
Coaching Experience:

1986-89 College Head Coach, Merchant Marine Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia (Champions, St. Petersburg, 1987)
1989-91 Head Coach, Kirovets Club, St. Petersburg, Russia (Champions, St. Petersburg, 1989)

In 1991, Valerey immigrated to the United States.
USA coaching Experience:

1991-94 Head Coach and Instructor, East-West Soccer Ambassadors USA
1995-98 Head Coach, Vogelsinger Soccer Academy and All Star Soccer school USA
1998-01 Program Director and Head Trainer, California Flyers Soccer Club USA
2006 Scout, Mexico National Soccer Team, Women U-20, World Cup 2006 in Moscow
2001-Present President and CEO, International Soccer Camp, Inc